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 Artists with a VGA Gallery

Juliet Armstrong

Image of jewelry by Juliet Armstrong Pendant Necklace

D.K. Boljat

image of Refuge Tree, D. K. Boljat


Cheryl Carpentier

Image of acrylic painting by Cheryl Carpentier White flowers in vase

Dawn Corey Kelly

image of Her White Satin Slipper by Dawn Corey Kelly


Other artists represented by VGA

  • Julie Armendariz
  • Britt Bentley
  • Teresa Braun
  • Mary Burgess
  • Karen Butler
  • Cheryl Carpentier
  • Janet Chandler
  • Nancy Chesler
  • Cyndie Christiansen
  • Kathryn Delany, Digital Artist and Mixed Media colorsplashes.com
  • Leslie Dugas
  • Sharon Dunham
  • Geri Lynn Enos
  • Katrina Fowler


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