The Village Gallery of Arts hosts two type of art shows: inside shows are those hung in the main gallery and outside shows which includes several locations other than our main gallery where we regularly hang shows. These include a restaurant, book store, bank, frame shop, city hall and other various locations. We believe it is important for our artists, and to the Gallery, to provide a variety of settings for exposure.

The Pond | Patti Isaacs  Image of Find your light by Britt McNamee

Artists of the Month for 2015/16


Liz Walker

Barbara Martin

Marie Ofner

Kalyani Pattani
MAY 2016 JUNE 2016 JULY 2016 AUGUST 2016
Art Adoption Sandy Reeves

Renee Habibi

Nancy Chesler

New Members

Laura Leiman 2016

Kathryn Delany 2016

Lisa Griffin 2016

Jan 2017- Lisa Griffen      

Main Gallery (Inside) Show Schedule 2015 / 2016

MONTH THEME Who May Show Work Due By Pick Up by
December Blick Arts AC, P, AS, H   Dec 5 Jan 2
Jan 2016 Spot On AC, P Jan 2 Jan 30
Feb 2016 Seeing Red AC, P Jan 30 Feb 28
March 2016 Eggstravaganza AC, P Feb 27 Apr 2
April 2016 No Theme – Award Month AC, P, AS Apr 2 May 1
May 2016 Art Challenge ALL Apr 30 May 29
June 2016 Destinations AC, P May 28 June 26
July 2016 Declarations & Letterings AC, P June 25 July 31
August 2016 Meadows & Pastures AC, P July 30 Aug 28
Sept 2016 New Member Showcase
Theme: School Days
New Members Aug 27 Oct 2
Oct 2016 No Theme, Award Month AC, P, AS Oct 1 Oct 30
Nov 2016 Gatherings AC, P, AS, H Oct 29 Nov 27
Dec 2016 Silver & Gold AC, P, AS, H Nov 26 Jan 2
Jan 2017 Frozen AC, P Dec 31 Jan 29

Member Categories: AC = Active, P = Participating, AS AC, P Associate, H = Honorary
Award Show notes: $10 fee for each entry. Art is juried after show is hung.

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