Last August my husband and I took 3 months to drive our 24 foot RV across Canada, following highway 1 from west to east, ending in Nova Scotia.  From there, we wandered south through Gettysburg and the Blue Ridge mountains to Savannah, Georgia, then turned west through the Great Smoky Mountains, Mississippi, eventually to Arizona, and then turned north to home.  He goes to bed by 8:30, but I’m not about to do that, so after 8:30, I painted what we had seen that day.  In the morning, while I slept in, he examined my night’s progress and was ready to critique when I got up.  I completed over 15 paintings, and picked a few to share as a memoir of a wonderful trip.

Santa Catalina mountain sunset, Tucson
Forillon National Park, New Brunswick Canada
Along the Saguenay River. Quebec Canada
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Columbia River near the Dalles Oregon
Bogs and Boulders of NW Ontario Canada
Tall barns of the farms of Manitoba Canada