Annette Van Dyke

Acrylic Painter

I moved to the Portland area in 2010 after retiring from the University of Illinois at Springfield as a women’s studies/women’s literature teacher. I immediately went to Shanghai, China to teach at the International Studies University for the school year. This stay offered me a wonderful opportunity to discover firsthand the culture and arts of China and to see how art infuses Asian life.

Although I did not begin painting until I took a transparent acrylic class at the Gallery with Linda Rothchild-Ollis, I had worked with fiber arts for many years. I was well aware of women artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe. Linda’s class was the first time I began painting myself. Subsequently, I joined the Gallery and I studied with instructor Chris Keylock-Williams.

Now when I look around, I see textures, subtle shadings of color as well as bright, pops of color, and I think about how these could be expressed in paintings.

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