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Project Art Shares Soars! The 2022 Project Art Share was very successful. Project Manager, Janet Collamer delivered 222 paintings to the Aloha Food Pantry for distribution to the families who are served by
the Pantry. Each family can choose a painting when they request food. The paintings were donated by VGA
artists and friends through a Call to Artists in Art Focus and other publicity. The total value of paintings
donated was $15,611. WOW! What a great way to start the season of giving. Many thanks to Janet Collamer and Donna of the Food Pantry Manager and the artists who contributed.
Here are the participating artists: Rose West, Medha Joshi, Sally Boyd, Deborah Teeter, Julie Armendariz,
Susan Pozdena, Judy Vatne, Cheryl Carpentier, Liz Walker, Terry Rohe, Anne Yates, Lori Altman, Laurie
Selden,Haideh Dastghaib-Go, Chris Kondrat, Janet Collamer, R.L. Armstrong, P. Tyrrell, Zachary Monaghan, Anonymous, Lana Nelson, Pam Broadhurst, Lucy Nonnenkemp, Kat McCullough, Sue Girard (& sister)