About Village Gallery of Arts

To ignite the joy of learning, creating,  and appreciating art in our community. We support professional and emerging artists by providing high quality, affordable art education to children and adults as well as providing venues for sharing their work.

VGA is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

Non-Profit Programs

Art Kits

The Village Gallery of Arts distributes free Art Kits to our community.

Community Arts Program

Our Community Arts Program (CAP) is a program of quarterly, free events for our members and the public.

Art Share

Project Art Share is a charitable giving program sponsored by the Village Gallery of Arts. 

Friends of the Gallery

Thank you for making our Gallery a better place! We are deeply grateful for your generosity and your support.


Visionary Level**

($1000 & Up)

Anne & Jon Danzig
Laura Leiman
Duane & Lana Nelson
Marcia Petty
Darlene Staffelbach
Judy Vatne

Connoisseur Level**


Sally Boyd
Elizabeth Bowers
Alex Charlap
Eli Lilly Matching Gift
Jennis Johnson Taylor
Moya Lehman
Lisa Manners
Kathryn Oliver-Garnett & Pryor Garnett
Jesse & Liz Walker

Artiste Level*

Britt-Marie DeForeest
Dolores & Ken Findley,Bales Findley, LLC
Darron Hayden, Hayden Consulting Engineers
Judith Harris
Intel Matching Gift
Debbie Teeter

Fan Level*

(Up to $249)

Julie Armendariz
Mara & Frank Barich
Joanna Brown
Deborah Chapman
Susan Dale
Sharon Dunham
Suzanne & Gregory Ebert
Kay Gifford
Fran & John Gilleland
Sue Girard
Renee Habibi
Bob Hall

Bob Hamilton
Georgette Hancock
Cheryl Howard & Annette Van Dyke
Laura Hopper
Marlene Huntsinger
Medha Joshi
Chris & Michael Kondrat
Kathryn Long
Raymond & Britt McNamee
Phyllis Meyer
Orville & Eileen Millsap
Vanaja & Srinivas Mulagada
Lucy Nonnenkamp

Linda & Larry Nye
Paresh & Kalyani Pattani
Susan Pozdena
Margie & Joel Simmons
Robin Skinner
Emily & Michael Stevens
Richard Stoner
Linda & Donald Tolan
Karen Trent
Carla & Gordon Ueki
Teresa Vaughan

** Your name will appear on the VGA website & in the newsletter for one year & your name will be included on the Village Gallery Red Wall (starting June to June)

* Your name will appear on the VGA website & in the newsletter for one year

Our Board

Lane Clem


Alaka Sarangdhar

Vice President

Susan Amacher


Leah "Jay" Jakusovszky

Recording Secretary

Brenda Honeyman

Membership Secretary

Sharon Dunham

Community Outreach Coordinator

Debbie Teeter

Education Coordinator

Lana Nelson

Marketing Coordinator



Susan Pozdena

Technology Coordinator


Gallery Coordinator

Tour Our Space

The Gallery has grown with the community and has occupied several locations in the Cedar Mill area. We have been in our current space next to the Cedar Mill Community Library since 2001, and we believe this space will serve our needs for a long time to come.

We offer a good variety of classes and workshops for all ages and abilities (see Classes) which change according to community interest and needs.