Featured Artist

November Featured Artist – Liz Walker – “People/Places/Things”

My paintings are about color and shape and how to best balance the two within a painting.  I often start out by marbling my paper or canvas in acrylics, allowing unusual patterns to develop on the paper. Later, I stand back and evaluate what’s there—often making the shapes into figures.  It’s that element of chance that keeps it interesting for me and (I hope) for the viewer. –Liz Walker

Liz Walker has been active in the local art scene since she moved to Portland in 1999, and has received local and national recognition for her work in exhibits throughout the United States.

Liz began as a watercolorist in 1991 but in 2006, she switched to acrylics, collage, and marbling to create her imaginative works. She joined Village Gallery of Arts in 2000 and credits the gallery for being a welcoming place where artists can form community and learn from one another. 

Working in a variety of water-soluble mediums, Liz’s favorite and most recognizable subject matter is fanciful people (mostly women) painted with bright colors and patterns. The small works in her solo exhibit “People/Places/Things” are just several of the hundreds of paintings Liz creates each year.

Growing up in San Antonio, TX, Liz received a B.A. in Art from Trinity University. Liz has taught watermedia and marbling classes throughout the Pacific Northwest; she greatly enjoys her role as mentor and facilitator for other artists who are in search of their own artistic style. She is a Signature member of nearly a dozen national art organizations. 

Visit her website www.lizwalkerart.com for information about upcoming exhibits, workshops, and images of her latest paintings.

Join Liz at VGA’s Art Chat and Refreshments, November 12, 3-5 PM