Kat McCullough

I am primarily a visual person, as opposed to auditory or kinesthetic.  Artistic expression arrived early in my life and has been a constant presence.  My mother saved a small drawing called The Buzzing Bee which I rendered at age four.  It was fairly abstract but true to the subject.  I can’t think of a time when I wasn’t drawing, painting, modeling, or playing with a needle and thread.

I have been married to the same supportive man for fifty years.  We both have our own interests, and that seems to work. A few years back, I was a local politician–a Mayor and than a County Supervisor. I found that politics isn’t nearly as satisfying as being an artist.  I am a lover of animals and always have a special little fur person in our household. Gardening is another joy…all the color and variety that nature provides is truly inspiring.

There are too many artist/teachers in my past to name them all.  My interests run from oils, acrylics, paper collage….to fibers. In the last few years I have been working 

with fibers a lot.  There is so much going on in this field that is new and exciting.  I can’t resist playing with the outre ideas and techniques suggested by fiber artists all over the world.

I like to experiment with new techniques to see what happens. When something doesn’t seem to work, I put is aside and let it rest in a corner of my mind for awhile.  When I look at it later, I often see the key to the next stroke or stitch.

To me, art is joy and aliveness, and it is totally necessary to my well-being.  I just have to look at art, to touch it, to revel in its endless variations of color, shape and line.  I love to go to art shows to feel the excitement of what other artists have discovered or tried, and to browse through art books to see once again what some of my favorite artists (Paul Klee, Georgia O’Keeffe, Hannah Hoch, Romare Bearden, and Wolf Kahn, to name only a few) have given as gifts of expression to the world.