Lana L. Nelson

I’ve always had an interest in creating. Early on it was expressed through music, dance, costume design, crafts and then planning customer information and graphic “way finding” for public transportation. But nothing has called to me more than wanting to paint with oil.

After a long and rewarding career, I decided my next chapter in life should finally include oil painting. I continue to participate in a variety of workshops, critiques and shows. I’m slowly honing my own style. I’m delighted that my eyes have learned to see more keenly the beauty of nature and the world around us. The abundance of possibilities for capturing a feeling or a concept onto a canvas excites me every day. There is both anxiety and thrill in facing an empty white canvas and building step by step an image that brings pleasure and joy.

I do love color and often tell a story in my work; therefore when you look at my selection of work for the Village Gallery of Art website you will see country and city landscapes, a seascape, pygmy goats making friends with a little girl, and farm plantation road where a coach travels and family of crows wait for a ride on their days off from the corn field. Then in another aspect, I hope you can sense dance music from another time in “Now and Then-the Beaverton History Center”. 

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